Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wedding Planning Tips from the Experts

Other than the birth of a new baby, no event in life draws more unsolicited opinions and advice than planning a wedding.  Many a bride and groom have become overwhelmed by the magnitude of opinions given to them leading up to their wedding.  There are always conflicting ideas about what is necessary or appropriate, whether to hire a planner, or how much to spend.  Here's some advice from our team that may help put all the guesswork to rest.


If you are confused as to whether you need ushers at your ceremony or not, it's completely optional. It's not mandatory (what is, really?) And if you aren't sure what exactly ushers do, it's really pretty simple. Ushers are the main greeters at your ceremony and walk guests to their seats (or at least their row) at weddings. Ushers generally walk arm in arm with female guests while any male accompanying guests follow behind.

Choosing a Dress

Don’t just fixate on a dress you saw in a wedding magazine. Understand what dress style looks best on YOU and focus on that. If you are under 5″4′, step away from the normal dress section and make a beeline for the petite dresses. After it is all said and done, you’ll be pleased with yourself for making this choice.

Selecting Flowers

One of the best ways to incorporate affordable flowers into your budget is to try and choose flowers that are in season. These are often much more available, which means they end up costing far less. If you are in love with a certain flower that doesn’t happen to be in season, you can still opt to incorporate them.  Just make sure that they are not the main wedding flowers that are used for the big day. 


When you set the budget for your wedding, it’s always smart to allow for some “wiggle room.” The more you delve into your wedding planning, the more unexpected costs you will find. Most likely, you will not only end up underestimating costs, but also completely forgetting minor items, such as tips for vendors. We recommend “rounding up” on all line items to give you that little extra bumper to take care of unforeseen or neglected expenses. Before you book your venue and vendors, use our checklist and budget tools to make sure you have accounted for all costs. 

The Groom's Involvement 

Grooms I'm talking to you. The bride has enough to worry about, so the groom can definitely take the lead on the parts of the wedding that involve him most. This includes the groom's and groomsmen attire, his wedding ring and the groomsmen gifts. Tell her you care. If she doesn't know wedding planning is something you'd like to be involved in, she probably won't even consider asking for your opinion. At the beginning of the planning process, make it clear that you want input on certain things or everything. Practice good communication from the start and figure out who will be handling what. That way, everything will run smoothly and you can get the most out of your wedding planning experience. You two make a great team; that's why you're getting married! So join forces on this one and don't stress. Plan, bond and fall deeper in love along the way. 

Hiring a Caterer

Whether you are into farm-to-table, buffet style or a black-tie sit down dinner, make sure you have your caterer on board! Also, remember to taste, taste, taste—guests are going to remember your food! 

The Wedding Planner

HIRE AN EXPERT: Save money by spending it on a planner? It sounds counter intuitive, but wedding planners 1) are not shy when it comes to haggling, 2) can draw from years of experience working with brides on budgets, and 3) have working relationships with vendors -- all of which can amount to big bucks shaved off your final bill. 
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