Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Event Planner Essentials

As event planners we are constantly on the go, attending meetings with vendors, consulting with clients or shopping for materials and supplies.  In this hectic industry, we know the key to overall success is organization.  When planning and executing events, we have to be ready for any and everything.  Here are some essentials we can't plan without.


An Ipad (or your tablet of choice) is tremendously convenient when running around town attending meetings.  We also use Ipad apps specifically designed for event planning.  Contacts, photos, calendars, files and notes are always within arms reach.  

Tote Bag

Ok, this one may just be for the ladies, but a sturdy tote bag is a must!  No one wants to lug around two or three (or more) bags all day.  Toss in your tablet, makeup case and a comfy pair of flats.  Just make sure it's a bag that's well made, and of course, stylish.

An Emergency Kit

With just about every event, something goes wrong.  It may not be a huge mishap, but things are forgotten, misplaced or damaged.  A good event planner is always prepared for such times by having an emergency kit.  Your kit can include whatever you feel may be needed, but should have certain basics, including a stain removal stick, safety pins, pain relievers and band-aids.

Tools of the Trade

When scouting venues, meeting with clients or vendors, and executing events, there are several tools event planners should have with them.  We have learned by experience that these items are often forgotten, but always necessary.  

Camera - It can be a professional, smart phone or small digital camera, but we always find ourselves needing to snap pictures.  Also, social media can be quickly updated at any time when you have a camera handy.

Calculator - It may not be necessary to carry a separate calculator since smart phones and tablets all have one built-in, but just in case you're anti-technology, make sure you have one with you.  

Scissors - These are very important when decorating for events.  It's a good idea to have more than one pair since they can easily be misplaced.

Measuring tape - This is a very important item to have with you when visiting venues or shopping for events.  We always have measuring tape to estimate for fabric, linen and other decor.

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