Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wedding Budget Savers - Five Things You Can Do Without

Weddings cost a lot of money.  A LOT of money!  One of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning is managing the budget.  It can be overwhelming trying to plan your dream wedding while staying realistic about expenses.  However, there are several ways to have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank.  Read on for five ways to trim your wedding costs.


Unless it is something very useful or edible, most wedding favors get tossed away or forgotten.  We say do away with the favors altogether.  If you insist on having them, choose something that can be reused like wine glasses or food that can be saved for later like jam or candy.


Instead of offering a complete bar for the entirety of your reception, we suggest serving a signature cocktail or beer and wine only.  Also, consider only opening the bar during the cocktail hour and after dinner.  Most caterers charge based on consumption, so limiting the amount of time the bar is available can definitely save money.  Don't forget to impose a last call an hour before your reception ends!


Ok, we know you want to invite everyone to your wedding, from your kindergarten teacher to your mother's best friend's sister's cousin.  However, the cost of your wedding is directly proportional to the amount of guests that attend. Try not inviting co-workers or children.  Also, if you haven't had contact with someone in over a year..you may not want to extend an invitation.


Big, bright blooms at a wedding can be extremely beautiful.  They can also be extremely expensive. In lieu of extravagant floral centerpieces, choose smaller versions and add more candles.  As for the bridal party, let your bridesmaids carry one elegant flower instead of a bouquet.  You can also hop on YouTube and take a try at DIY'ing your own bouquets.


There is nothing like spending a small fortune on a wedding cake only to have most of it left at the end of the reception.  Keep in mind that not all guests will choose to have cake.  Therefore, go with the design you love, but have your baker create a smaller version.  You can also not have cake at all. Cupcakes and cakepops can be be beautiful and add an element of fun to your wedding.

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